Fnootee, the home of hyper-fun, welcomes you! Fnootee.com is the only website in the world that is dedicated to art, innovation and creation of new ideas. With all the awesome advances in technologies and materials there are endless new possibilities in art & design and fnootee.com has every intention of exploring this whole new world. Whether it is for fun or serious applications, let’s innovate, create and design!

Fnootee.com is the brainchild of Laurence Paul Jacobs, a qualified graphic designer with more than 30 years’ experience in art and design in virtually all media. Over the years he has done work for companies and corporations all over the world, from designing smart phones to shop design, show stand design, to traditional sculpture and design in virtually all media. Laurence has also worked in virtually all traditional fine art media, and the good news is he intends to share this knowledge with you while having a total blast in the process, hence the slogan “ANY ART, ANY MEDIA, ANYTIME!”.

Not only will you get to see videos of how to do art in all media, you will also see how to make modern objects of beauty using metals, plastics, wood and other modern materials. The best part is a lot of objects will be made out of recycled materials too. Future plans include making awesome art objects and goodies using 3d printing with .obj files once it becomes more mainstream and affordable.

So if you are as excited about all the new possibilities in art and design, then this is the place to be.

And finally, fnootee.com, “The Home of Hyper Fun” wishes you a fnooteeful, happy, sparkly day!

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